Get down from there!

I was stretched out on the sofa, sipping a steaming cup of tea, and completely engrossed in a great new book (Emma Donoghue’s “Pull of the Stars”).  Zoey was curled up on her blanket at the other end of the sofa with her favorite stuffy tucked underneath her.  There was some jazz music playing in another part of the house. I was as relaxed as I can get.

Glancing up, I saw Dave moving around out in the yard and I assumed he was getting ready to cut the grass. He’s one of those people who just can’t sit still, and he is always doing something.  A moment later something registered in my mind.

Why was he carrying a ladder?

I heard the clickity-click of the extension ladder expanding and decided that I had better investigate. We don’t live in a big house and it doesn’t take long to go from the living room to the back deck and in that short amount of time, I looked up to see Dave standing on the top of my two-storey house.

“What are you doing?” I called up to him.

“Checking for raccoon damage” he hollered back.

He was leaning over perilously close to the edge and he wasn’t wearing a harness. I watched while he inspected the roof vents, shingles, and then just stood up there looking around the neighbourhood.

I remember being a young mother calling my son to come down from a tree before he fell and broke something, now I’m in my 60’s and calling up to my partner to get down off the roof before he falls and breaks something.  Why am I doing that? He is perfectly capable of judging his own safety from the top of the roof.

The thing is, I love to hike and climb. I love standing on a precipice and looking over a drop of a cliff. The scenery from a vantage point high above tree tops can be breathtaking. So, what’s the difference between standing on a roof and standing on the edge of a cliff?  

Not much really. The only difference is that I know my limits but I have no control over whether Dave is being careful. However, he is a grown man, so I need to learn to chill.

Therefore, I pledge to let Dave climb those lofty heights and look for raccoons, and we will scale mountains (or at least really high hills) and survey the valleys below us. I will search for people who are interested in pushing the envelope just a bit and trying new things that are a bit risky.

Baie Fine, Killarney, Northern Ontario.

I pledge to stop worrying about breaking a hip and go with the knowledge that a titanium hip will do fine, should I need one.  

Also, there wasn’t any racoon damage on the roof. He was just making that up so he could go on the roof.

And completely unrelated – Emma Donoghue’s book, Pull of the Stars – 5 stars.

One thought on “Get down from there!

  1. I think I would respond in much the same way. I know I can make my hubby mad some days with my “care” of him. LOL thanks for the recommendation. I may try to get that at the library.


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