The Daily Event

A Retiree looks at Time Management

It was around 10 am and I was relaxed in my recliner having my second coffee of the morning and reviewing my calendar of events for the week. I noticed that I had a “daily event” planned for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, two events on Thursday, none on Friday. Well, that kind of threw me off. Why was I bunching things up on Thursday, leaving Friday as a “free” day?

I’m embarrassed to say that I spent more than a few minutes wondering how to balance the schedule.

I wasn’t always this way. I spent many years as a working single mother, balancing full-time parenting and full-time work. I also attended University part-time for years, taking one course every semester and finally graduating in June 2019. On top of work, school and parenting,  I found time for family and friends, local and long-distance travel, as well as involvement in multiple associations and book clubs.  I volunteered as the Treasurer for a local hiking group for a couple of years. After meeting Dave, we spent a lot of time on his boat.  All during these years, I would usually get up around 5 am and walk the dog before getting ready for work.

My time management skills were legendary and in some cases, my schedule was worked out to one-hour increments.

Two friends who retired before me told me to enjoy myself, because I would discover that I would have time for only one or two “daily events” after I retired. I laughed. That was ridiculous.

During my first year of retirement, I worked on learning how to slow down, on how to sleep in past 5 am, and how to avoid grocery stores, banks and dry cleaners at noon hour.  I managed to stop going to the dry cleaners, so I guess I was reasonably successful.

The second year of retirement is when the change really started to happen.  I became very conscious of the freedom that I now had, and I became resentful when other people began planning my time.  There’s no need to rush, or to pack things into a tight schedule, because I have tomorrow off as well.  Why do I need two events on one day?

And then it hit me. OMG, I’m at the  ‘daily event’ level of retired.

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? I’m still deciding.  But right now, I’m off to a respectfully socially distanced lunch with two long-time friends. It’s our mutual ‘daily event’.

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